We who are we who are in want of more data. Facts will certainly. Observers have multiplied. Reason on the variations of climate unreasonable. The reason is within us and marked by common instruments. A walk in February in which we see a butterfly. Threat of house flies in relocation to a mossy green arctic.

the philosopher takes
         the pulse
of the atmosphere
forms of suspended
water,  or,  in other
words, to the
modifications of


flexuous, or diverging fibres,
extensible by increase              in any

or in all directions


increasing upward
convex or conical
horizontal base

increasing from below upward
 widely extended       continuous       horizontal sheet

roundish                                small
      masses                         well defined

                                                        or contact
       in close horizontal arrangement

horizontal or slightly inclined masses
attenuated towards a part or the whole
of their circumference

                            bent downward
or undulated        separate, or

in groups
consisting                          of small
                                   clouds having

                                                 these characters

\        __

\∩    \__


__      \__


Cloud study by Luke Howard, 1811: Light cirrostratus, above cumulus. Pencil with blue, buff and grey wash. Inscribed in pencil: 6pm 6mo 22. 1811