A printing block with a surface image of a Beyer-Garratt locomotive in service on the Kenya and Uganda Railway.

convinced future lies
in the corpse counting
of locusts rather
than cotton. Empire.

If not cotton then what?

R.C. Rainey, Kenya, 1955.

Ferranti Ltd Blue Parrot aircraft radar visual display unit

An echo of intensity on
the radar screen.

How to tell the difference between a raindrop and an insect?

When more
than half
the weight
of a locust
is water?

from considerations
of water-content alone

                                                a swarm averaging ten flying locusts per cubic metre, as recorded in the Kenya Highlands in 1952, with each locust containing about 1 c.c. of water, might be expected to give an echo of intensity at least an order of magnitude greater than that given by the very heavy precipitation considered; and it was concluded that recognizable echoes might well be given by much more attenuated swarms.