Redell Olsen, Mixed Media Collage, 2020.

{left column to be spoken and slight pause at / }
                                                                {right column to be sung echo like after                                                                         the spoken voice on the left column and                                                                       following fragments of score from                                                                        Acis and Galatea - which are heard                                                                          later. Voices on right to interrupt, o                                                       overlap and follow first column voice. Word or fragment should not be sung before the precedent on the left}

Usually cubic and / constituting space.                      space
In array then. Rays / of imaginary lines                     ar ray then ray
from beyond lines / of cult perspective.                     perspective
Apparently back in the / good old war                                             back in the good

defined conditions of the / pinpoint.                                    of the pinpoint
Precision of the sniper. A space / of
noise. Sing then / Noisy space, sing                              sing then     noisy space sing
then of violence / and disappearance,                            of violence      disappearance

what is missed off / unworthy of notice.                    missed off     of notice
Species noise / Noise of wingbeat. Over                    species noise
looked, overlooking / as just that. Noise,                                      noise sing then
sing then in search / of storms, targets.                      storms and targets

The gathering of / information on places                   information
never seen, genus / unknown, sing then                    sing then
without need of trance / work, clairvoy                      clairvoyance
ance, sing noise / filled with masked.                                  sing noise            sing

Then. Now is it? / Gone yet? No one                                   now sing noise              yet
rattling the table /  underneath. At                              sing noise sing
last not seeing / words merely as feelers                    merely as feelers
for doubt noise / sing then, sing noise                                 noise, sing then, sing noise

The butterflies and / fires are                                      fires are, sing then sing
the music noise /  sing then. And it                            noise, sing then
is not comfortable / Not necessarily                                    sing noise, sing then, sing
always outside / Sometimes the drone                                 noise sing---------------

is forgotten until /  it rises back / as in –
cident / it rises, sing noise sing
Extends the remit / of footage taken.                         
Looking alone / cannot establish a clear                    a clear, sing
definition of size /  shape. Alone with                        noise

domestic enclosed /  looking out. Co -                                enclosed, looking
shaping of remote / sensing. Sensing                                   remote sensing
remotely. An imaging of / the space of rain.                       imaging of sing noise, sing
Elsewhere / guessed as /  insides of insects                         insides of insects
rise up in plumes. The shape of a wing beat.                       rise up in plumes