Frequency hopping, Hedy Lamarr style.
Secrets of unwanted communication
systems of exchange or appropriation:
a poetic practice of eighty-eight frequencies.
This could be a piano roll of sorts. True:
“I felt I had served my time as a puppet”.
A broadcast interference at the frequency
of control and signal jam of the enemy
a la Ballet Mécanique. 11th August 1942
Lamarr and Antheil filed for a  U.S. Patent  
2,292,387. What was dreamt up as the defence
of a new homeland against fascism and an arms
dealer of a first husband remained unwanted
for twenty years until the Blockade of Cuba.

“Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to
do is stand still and look stupid”. It seems
inventors don’t get to define the ultimate
shape of the enemy, as social media shows
the storming of the Capitol is more or less
business as usual. The spread spectrum
-technologies of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network
connections, even some cordless wireless
telephones have their origins in an this
avant-garde mixture of Hollywood glitter