A swarm of flying ants picked up by the Met Office.
The ants “showed up as interference on our radar imagery”.
Until recently such other species interference on radar scans was routinely overlooked and disregarded as irrelevant to the main purpose of imaging the weather, or in the military history of radar, a target.

attenuated swarms (recognisable echoes of)

Here is a little string-and-sticky-tape demonstration, requiring only a pencil and a couple of paper clips.

just misread
the energy clock

at least relative
to the size

a paper-clip
once dropped

with nervous
attention to

unspoken detail


a sudden rush

of serotonin

for likeness.
In the gregarious
phase there is often
a change in body
shape and colour.

A change in definition
can alter
the statistics.

Swarms blacken
skies, appetites govern
gains. Daylight

comes as a broad
stroke of brush